Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photographer of the week: Nirrimi Hakanson

We just have to share the work of Nirrimi Hakanson. She's just 16 years old and we think (I mean know) that she has an extremely bright future ahead of her.

The daughter of artists, creativity flows through her veins; self-taught at the age of thirteen, she wanted to capture all that was beautiful in the world. “So many things in life inspire me. Life is so beautiful, we're just all so accustomed to it that we no longer notice,” says Hakanson. Her photos mainly featuring ethereal looking young girls, mesh vibrant colours with soft, dream-like lighting; a look that this Townsville native hopes will take people back to their childhood. “I just want to show them the world and life how I see it. I hope they find it as beautiful as I do. As long as I invoke some sort of emotion, whether good or bad, I'm happy.” So keep an eye out for this name in the future pages of Vogue, this girl has aspirations that soar higher than the clouds.


  1. OMG yes she is so indcredibly talented! A very special and unique style all of her own. She definitely captures a very natural beauty and brings it to life with all the colour. I am hoping to model for her when she moves to Melb. She has expressed interest and even that has been such an honour!
    Cheers to her future!

  2. 16-years-old??!! seriously? what an incredible raw talent!
    She is amazing. Can she please take photos of me for my blog? I'm getting a little sick of timer photos... haha.