Monday, June 8, 2009

Melbourne Style 5/06/09

On Friday afternoon we travelled to Federation Square for fashion inspiration in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. The weather was quite lovely (an unusual occurrence in Melbourne’s winter) - chilly with the sun shining through.

We started with the goal of finding the fashion, but most of our time was consumed with filtering through the masses adorned in black apparel to uncover the real trends.

What we found was

  1. A palate of black, navy, browns in every hue and olive greens.
  2. Oversized blazers replacing leather bomber jackets.
  3. Animal prints and furs everywhere. Some only adding touches to their outfits with scarves, and others daring to make a bolder statement in animal print pants and cardigans.
  4. Many picking up the gothic romance feeling in velvets and laces.
  5. And in light of our economic recession vintage everything!

Below are some trendy Melbourne folk sporting said trends…

Top: Alice and the Eve, pants: Self Titled, scarf: The Reject Shop, cardigan: Privilege, shoes: Fat

Skirt: Retro Star, top: Bardot, gloves: Lincraft, fur: Queen Victoria Market

Left to right


Blazer: Jupiter, Jeans: Elwood, Scarf: Aussie bandana at the Chinese Souvenir shop, Belt and sunnies: from Korea, Shirt: vintage


Blazer: borrowed from older brother, Jeans: Elwood,  Jumper: Ararat F.C. uniform. Shoes: Dunlop Volleys


Jeans: Elwood, Shoes: Doc Martens, Tee: Vanishing Elephant, Specs: Hosiris 


  1. I love the fur in the second shot. So crazy!
    Ahhh I wish we got Fashion Journal out here in Ballarat :(

  2. That last photo are guys from Little Red!

  3. We're coming Meglet! July we'll snap up the fashions in the Rat!