Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brunswick Style 26/06/09

What exactly is it about Brunswick in Melbourne that makes everyone super-dooper trendy/alternative? We went there on Friday afternoon to scope out the fashion and needed no longer than 15 minutes to play paparazzi because every second person dressed so damn interesting! Just north of Melbourne CBD is where you will find Brunswick - the land of vintage shops, vegan restaurants and bars as far as the eye stretches! Where there is plenty of confusion as to what decade we are living and the population looks like they have just walked out of a Savers change-room.
These are the key trends bought to you by Brunswick:
- hats are worn by everyone
- ruby red lips are a daytime essential
- layer everything. Leotards + singlets + cami's + cardigans + gloves + scarves + coats = warmth
- kitsch is way cool
- furs are embraced (despite the emphasis on vegetarian lifestyles)
- skinny jeans and leather dress shoes, ie: oxfords, for the men
- bright coloured and patterned tights with over-sized tops and singlets
- people dare to wear colours (hallelujah!) but of course you'll find plenty of black and grey marle

top Hudsons on Carlisle st, shorts: Kate Hurst, carigan TV, necklace Karen Walker

Dress Scanlan and Theodore, fur This Law on Sydney rd, hat and crochet Savers and boots from ebay

Jacket and shoes Savers , Cheap Monday jeans, shirt and bag by bric a Brac


  1. Yes the Folk in Brunswick are very eclectic!!