Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peter Morrissey Designs for Big W

Big W is the latest department store to jump on the designer bandwagon with the announcement of a range by internationally recognised Australian designer Peter Morrissey. Aiming to bring affordable designer wear to the masses Morrissey, along with design partner Bruno Schiavi, will produce a range attuned to today’s economic climate without compromising on style. Morrissey, who is best known for dressing the likes of Helena Christensen and Nicole Kidman, teamed up with Schiavi after selling off his stake in his brand in February 2009 to pursue new interests. Schiavi himself is responsible for the lingerie worn by Delta Goodrem and will be releasing underwear ranges for Brett Lee and Janet Jackson in late 2009. Both designers hope to refashion not only people’s wardrobes but also their lives through a range that is accessible to all.


  1. WOW! Would like to see that line.
    p.s. posted at 11:11, gotta love that.

  2. Wow.. if a designer is going to do a line for any department store, why choose big dubs? I only go there for the cheap DVDs... don't think I've ever stopped at the clothes section. Maybe for Bonds...