Sunday, August 2, 2009


Sydney label Strummer are on fj's must watch list this summer, with a collection of gorgeous pieces in lace, cotton and leather.

Ruffle Jacket, Dark Blue w/ Light Check: $358.00
Curtain Top, Lace: $250.00
Mini Suit Shorts, Brown Check: $159.00
Basket Weave Booties, Tan: $213.00

One Teaspoon Summer!

We here at fj are loving the latest range from Aussie icon One Teaspoon!

With designer Jamie Blakey's unashamed use of leopard print, including the fabulous Rock n Roller jean, the brand oozes funky London cool with that aussie twist.

Were loving the Vintage beaded bodice, the Glastonbury pant, Edinborough vest and the Vintage Dinky dress..

Fashion Journal Website

Finally, FJ is available online.

Go to and you can read the two most recent issues in full.

Check it out if you haven't already!


Work is well and truly underway for Issue 93 of Fashion Journal (out 4th September).

Great news - Rhys Ripper of Academy for Men will be guest editor of our men's section again. If you haven't yet seen his section in FJ 92 check it out at (pp. 50-55). It is amazing!

View the winter issue of Academy for Men at