Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our Concept

Melbourne, what are you wearing?

Ever looked to a runway photo from Fashion Week for outfit inspiration and thought to yourself, “uh-huh so that’s the fashion. But I’m going to have trouble walking through doors with this giant set of wings I’m wearing with my lingerie” - a la Victoria’s Secret. The photos are often extravagant and impossible to pull off, but god-bless them for trying.

While these shots are there to inspire, the beautiful people we pass in the street have the style we want. This is where this blog begins.

Melbournians are some of the most fashionable people in the world – we’ve come to capture them. Walking the streets, scaling the cafes and sitting on train platforms to find handsome fashion on real people each week.

No models. No stylists. Just genuine fashion in a beautiful city.

In additional to searching for style, we’ll be showcasing a diary of our progress for the upcoming issue each week, with all the ideas that are flown around behind the scenes prior to publication.

Our little blog will also keep you updated weekly with the work of talented new artists and photographers we’re digging each week.

We hope you love it.


  1. Great idea. I can't wait to see Melbourne fashion at it's finest. Looking forward to following! :)

  2. Great Idea, will read it for sure