Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009 Fashion Trends: a mid-year review

2009 and has been a great year for fashion, to honour designers everywhere for their hard work we have put together a post to highlight the best trends of the season.

Skinny jeans:
The unkempt rockstar look is by no means new and emerging in 2009. For a while now the guys have been embracing the snug fit of denim on their legs, and so the skinny jean is #1 choice for the uber trendy man.

Animal prints:
We haven’t seen animal prints since Scary Spice rocked out in 1996. 13 years on we see this look modernized in a not so scary way, expressing the trend in scarves, tights and cardigans.

Distressed denim:
There are no two ways about it - this denim trend is sexy. There is certain sex appeal of someone’s naked skin piercing through their favourite pair of denim jeans. What’s even better is that this trend can follow through the seasons, worn in winter with a pair of patterns stockings underneath to keep warm, or as a light pants option in spring/summer when the weather warms up.

Harem pants:
They were all over fashion weeks in Europe in 2008, and they have finally found their way off the catwalks, on to a plane and on the bottoms of fashionable (yet comfort conscious) Australians.

The Poncho:
From the ‘Alpine Drifter’ family, comes the poncho trend for winter. The heavy knit of a poncho is the perfect means to warming up this winter. In keeping with the popularity of androgynous dressing this season, the poncho can be worn on the backs or both males and females. But this trend is probably better suited to the men this year, worn with a pair of skinny blue jeans and leather Oxford’s for an effortlessly charming look.


  1. Dudes in skinny jeans = WRONG
    men should dress like MEN

  2. What do you mean? I'm in 2 minds... I do love a hint of androgyny in mens fashion this season! What do you like to see?