Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our New Love

We've got a new love in the form of tHe Horse: organic upholstery for the foot (or a fancy way of saying some pretty sweet shoes for guys and gals). Designers Scott Hawkes and Gabrielle Glennie have based their shoe designs upon the idea the each foot has a unique personality. Scott and Gabrielle explain that "tHe Horse wears and grooves in smiles and tears as your feet live, birthing individual character". Pretty neat philosophy if you ask us!

The designs are made from genuine Italian leather, inside and out, meaning you can wear them without socks and they won't stink out the house when you come home from a hard days work.

You can check them out at the likes of Alphaville, The Office, Angus Black and Somedays or jump online to see their stockists Australia-wide thehorse.com.au/stockists.php

1 comment:

  1. These shoes are Amazing!!!
    I must have a pair... so Beautiful!